Who Says Romance Is Dead?

Romancing the stone

Uncle Spike's Adventures

As humans, and I’m talking us ‘men’ in particular, we spend much of our life trying to attract a partner. Fair enough, it’s just nature really isn’t it? So why oh why do we fret and worry and over think romance – let’s face it, they don’t do that in the animal kingdom now do they?

On the farm we have daily visitors in spring and autumn of the mobile hard-hat variety: aka, tortoises. There are loads of them; wandering about all over the place from dawn till dusk.

There are little tiny ones like this:-




… and big old daddy ones like this:-


Picture 024_blog


But spring time is where it get’s entertaining. When we first moved here, I used to think “How many new fences are they building?” as you could hear the sounds of fence construction on neighbouring farms… from all sides it would seem. All…

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